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AuthorCommitMessageCommit DateIssues
Mohit MehraMohit Mehra
7ab0eaae60bfixed a bug in counting instances based on tags
Mohit MehraMohit Mehra
1e68f58e8d4reverted the mode back to binary
Mohit MehraMohit Mehra
e82abca4193changed hive server transport mode from binary to http
Mohit MehraMohit Mehra
272e10f810cMMerge pull request #1 in LAKE/secure-lake-private from feature/scale-down to master * commit '35c70d48e3dd81a820107323fabfaa480d559c06': downsized the instances. Create Hue by default
Mohit MehraMohit Mehra
35c70d48e3ddownsized the instances. Create Hue by default
John ReynoldsJohn Reynolds
9016998f87eInitial Commit